Born and raised in western Canada, Denise Mallett is the second of eight children. Between 2005 and 2008, her father, Catholic evangelist Mark Mallett, would pack his family into a 40-foot R.V. and take off for months at a time to tour Canada and the U.S.A., singing and speaking in Catholic parishes and schools. They saw almost every province and state and met many memorable souls. Blessed with a rich childhood, Denise developed a desire to create her own rich worlds on paper.

Her teenage years were spent on a small farm in Saskatchewan, the simple life providing much inspiration and nurturing that desire to write. As she began working on her first novel, she also began reading books by brilliant authors such as Michael D. O’Brien (Father Elijah) and Catherine Doherty (Poustinia), who helped form her style as much as her spiritual life. At age nineteen she completed The Tree.