Denise Mallett (Pierlot) was born and raised in western Canada, and is the second daughter of Catholic evangelist Mark Mallett. At age thirteen she began working on her first novel and completed The Tree at age nineteen. In 2015 she found herself on Prince Edward Island, where she met and married native islander Nicholas Pierlot. She gave birth to their daughter Rosé on March 17, 2018. She is continuing work on a second and third book following The Tree.

If you’d like to know more about me, my blog is a glimpse into my everyday experiences and reflections. My love for my Catholic faith, for simplicity, tangibility, and beauty, is woven into the fabric of my being—and often emerges through my writing. You may sooner than later discover that I’d be quite happy to love my God and my husband (in that order), nurture babies, write stories, tend a garden, and milk a cow until the end of my days.