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From the fans:

What an awe-inspiring book. She is so deep to have written this book. The best book I have read in my lifetime and I am 77. Hope she writes more books.


The Tree is phenomenally written in a language of its own, that sadly, too few people actually understand. It was a learning experience for me, and it encouraged me over and over to be a true daughter of the King. I LOVED it! You are an absolutely amazing author! I am a 13-year-old girl and have forever been in search of solid Catholic writing, and you have more than filled my longing. I also love the Latin in it! God bless you and all that you do! I dearly hope you write more novels.

—Loren Atkins

I found the world Denise created to be beautiful, yet dark . . . much like this world. It's a treasure, but one that certainly made me struggle. Denise, you are very courageous to have put your heart and soul on the line—not only in writing, but in confronting these depths that you write about. It's no wonder everyone is amazed at your age. You and I are close in age and there are not many of my own circle who can grapple with these realities. You have a very special family . . . I hope I can raise my own children with such strength of character!


Congratulations! Very inspiring, indeed. A gift from God and very intelligently put together. The imagination and spiritual flow woven together with genuine experience make for something to behold. Thanks for letting us enjoy your incrediible story.

—Jeanne Griffin

Amazing! The writing, the imagery, the story, the talent—everything is truly amazing! Once I began reading, I could not put it down. It was like a movie that was playing in my head as I read the words on the page. It's definitely one of my favorite books! I highly recommend this book to everyone. I have even suggested it as a summer read for the Catholic Women's Book Club that I'm a part of. I hope Denise is inspired to write a sequel.

—Jennifer Robidoux

I was completely in love from the very begining. As the story progressed I became so invested in the characters and their success. I laughed, I cried. In everything, my favorite part of the book was just how genuine and real the characters seemed. I easily related to them in their struggles and triumphs. I learned from their experiences. Thank you, Denise, for crafting such an incredible story. The Tree will forever be one of my most treasured books.


Admittedly, for the first while, my inner voice was trying to fathom how such a young girl, living a pretty sheltered life, could have written such prose, and it was distracting me, when finally it shut up, I got swept along with the story, and had a great ride. Well done, Denise!

—June Malaka

The Tree was a great book! The characters were well developed and it had a great plot as well. Denise has a gift for writing. She is an artist using a pen as a paintbrush, allowing the reader to see, feel, smell, hear, and experience the words they read. I hope for a second installment!

—Stephen Poirier

It was so absorbing from the very beginning to the very end! Some things really made me think quite hard about my faith. It was challenging me to be more in a way that I had never seen the need to grow in. Thank you for this inspiring story!


I absolutely loved it and have never read anything quite like it. To read something so riveting and yet so full of truth awakened so much in me. Now, we must pray that it gets made into a motion picture...


I just finished reading your book, and I wanted to say that I loved it, and I think you did a fantastic job. There were a few times I had to stop and just savour the word candy. You wrote some absolutely beautiful sentences and I wanted to sit and meditate on them for a while. The story was captivating, and as I read, the characters became my friends (or my enemies), and I couldn't help but get swept along into their struggles and triumphs. 

Thank you for sharing your gift. It was a pleasure to get to journey into this part of your heart. 


The Tree brings its readers to tears as well as pensive thoughts and some laughter. You are very good with adjectives and similes, as shown particularly in your descriptions of Josiah's 2-month journey and Rianne's struggle in the prison cell. As your Sis says – WHOA! Over and above all these is your beautiful way of distinguishing light from darkness. You make me very happy as a Catholic. 

—Cynthia P. Tendencia

Thank you so much for your book. There is so much depth in it, and it deepened my desire to know God as my Father, as my King, Jesus as my Beloved. It increased my desire to grow in holiness. And it opened my eyes to the reality of the Devil, the real spiritual fight; the Holy Spirit actually used that whole scene between Michael the Archangel and the Devil, when Josiah is at the Tree, to show me how I had allowed myself that very day to fall into the Devil's grasp without even realizing it, and how many days I am simply falling into anxiety, fear, etc. without even realizing that I am in a spiritual war and that I need to fight instead of just succumb to it. I hope you write more books. Thank you!

—Melanie Keras

I'm almost through reading this wonderful story and am saddened that it will soon be over. I have enjoyed every minute, every turn of the page in this journey. Your uncanny ability to place such emotions within your characters and then pull them from your readers is truly astounding. Your story grabbed me from the first page and hasn't let go. I am eagerly awaiting your next novel. I don't read much mainstream literature, but prefer to save my precious "spare time" for those writings that add true God-given value to my life. Yours has been one of the best in a very long time! I pray our Lord blesses you with more inspiration for future works.

—Andrianne Machac

In one small segment of my life, a tiny year, my life has been infinitely blessed beyond words at the gift of friendship with the Mallett family. Upon discovery of Denise's passion for writing, and the subsequent statement from her—"I will be publishing my book very soon"—our converstions turned a new exciting leaf. My life was irrevocably altered when you laid that fat, coil-bound manuscript in my hand. I had no idea the treasure that would come out of those pages. I happily removed one of my "top ten" books from my sacred library shelf and reverently slid your book in to takes its place. Thank you for asking me to give feedback, Denise, although I honestly laugh at myself at how small my words are compared to the breadth of which you have written. But I will say this: I thank our amazing Father who gave you this story, this message, this light, and I thank you for learning the art of Listening and carrying out what He gave you to do. I believe in who you are... and are BECOMING.

Larisa J. Strobel

When I agreed to do a read-through of your book manuscript, I sharpened my red pencil fully expecting to be assailed by adolescent angst and childish storytelling. Praise God, I could not have been more wrong! From the first word to the last I was captivated, suspended between awe and amazement. How did one so young write such intricate plot lines, such complex characters, such compelling dialogue? How had a mere teenager mastered the craft of writing, not just with proficiency, but with depth of feeling? How could she treat profound themes so deftly without the least bit of preachiness? I am still in awe. Clearly the hand of God is in this gift. Just as He has granted you every grace thus far, may He continue to lead you on the path He has chosen for you from all eternity.

Janet Klasson (Pelianito)

When I finished the last sentence, I went back, and I read it again. And again. "That can't be the end," I said, "I can't let it go!" But as I closed the covers, and pressed them to my heart, I knew I wouldn't ever, ever be letting go. I came upstairs to tell you I had finished . . . but when I looked into your eyes, tears came to my own, and I had no words. God had already written them down. And, quite simply, there was nothing to add except, "WOAH."

—Lil Sis

"I laughed, I cried, I was riveted to the last word. But perhaps more than anything, I was astonished that such a young mind could conceive The Tree. Denise has always been our "still waters run deep" child. That silence and quiet thought has produced a profound book that I know will touch many souls. Denise... I'm so proud of you. Thank you for touching my heart." 


"I'm your sister, but even I'll admit that this book is good." 


"I'm your BIGGEST fan! You are so, so, so awesome. I love you."