At long last…

Dearest friends, family, and strangers,

After seven grueling years, my book is finally in print and available for purchase online. I had thought we’d see this day much sooner, but in hindsight, the delay only made the story better. I cannot adequately express how excited I am to see what our good God is planning to do with The Tree.

As you can imagine, beginning a book at age thirteen means that A LOT of scrapping/editing is required. In fact, about three years ago I ditched the story and began anew, retaining only foundational elements such as—go figure—the Tree, as well as the main characters. More than once did I find a hole that left me completely stumped and, at times, in tears. But time and again, God answered my questions and filled the holes, always in astounding ways that assured me He has this book in His hand.

My prayer is that The Tree blesses you as much as the writing process blessed me.