Our Island Child

Unexpected little face at the window of my womb. Our muffin, our raspberry, a blue egg in our nest. I had hoped you would come sooner than later but dared not hope too hard—and here you are. Our island child.

I’ve written about you before, dreamed about you. I’ve seen your blue eyes, cradled your body, maybe even heard your name. But there was a time when I would have laughed had I been told you’d come into being among patchwork fields and sleepy villages, on a faraway island set like a ruby in the eastern sea. And yet you could not have been otherwise. Here is where your father came into being, here is where my heart joined to his, and here is where you, a seed gently poked into the russet earth, will unfurl your first leaves.

How I wish you could know what I myself knew as a child: the cabin hidden among evergreens, a refuge overlooking a cool, green lake where the loon cries; or the yellow farmhouse, warm and safe above a cow-studded pasture and a murky creek. You will never taste my Grandma’s saskatoon pancakes or ride in my Grandpa’s tractor—but I know you will make your own memories, sweet and bright, as I did. I pray the pattern of leaves and twigs and berries will be imprinted on your heart as surely as it was on mine.

And I pray your father’s passion for Truth will burn in you like a golden light, defying the darkness. We cannot protect you from every evil, but we can prepare you to face it. No matter how weak we may be, we promise to love you, small one, and by our love may you too come to know and love Love Himself, He who is why we are. You’ll discover beauty and goodness in this world, but remember that such wonder-filled momentsare fleeting hints of what is to come. Yes, never forget that this world is indeed your home, but it is not Home.

Together, with your father and I and whoever else may join our nest, we will grow and we will become what we are created to be: a family, journeying toward reunion with our Family in Heaven.


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  1. Congratulations to you both! What a magnificent tribute to a new life as bestowed upon you by our gracious and loving God.
    I’ve always thought a woman is at her most beautiful when pregnant…
    I so loved your previous blog that I sent it to my 3 adult children – it was their spouses who replied with positive and enthusiastic responses. They loved what you wrote!
    Thank you for all that you share with us.

  2. This is definitely the most beautiful and eloquent baby announcement! Congratulations on this amazing gift you’ve been given, blessings to you and your family.

  3. Wow! Congratulations to you both…. a blessed little baby …. there is nothing like it… God Bless you all….

  4. What an inspiration, to hear such beautiful words of wisdom, announcing another soul to the heavenly bouquet! Congrats Denise and Nick. Your child is truly blessed to be gifted with parents like you!
    Garth & Barb.

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